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Welcome to DSM Austrlia

155 a posted Jan 6, 13

-DSM- is a Wangan Maximum Tune Team based in Australia. The team was founded in 2007 and has maintained consistent time attack records.

• Our current recruitment status is closed, but exceptional players are encouraged to apply

• For detailed information you can contact Jimmy (155) or Darryl (Cell)

Thank you for your interest in DSM

GuitarisT lol a team site is this going to be like the other site but only on enjin ?
cell a We need to get Miguel more involved as well -_-
cellSo apparently today john was in TZ looking at where to put his 8 machines and 2 terminals.
GuitarisT , cell , Dinladen and 155 registered to DSM
155   created a new website titled DSM on Enjin
155   published Welcome to DSM Austrlia on News
DSM has reached a new hit record of 12 unique hits today!
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